Assigns one or more resources to a binding type.
Binding Parameter
Additional, named data stored with a binding. Needs to be defined by the binding type. Can be optional or required.
Binding Type
A name for a semantic type of resources, like “thor/translations”. Should start with the vendor namespace of the package that defines the name.
Child Resource
A resource nested in another resource.
A logical grouping of files in a directory. Typically installed with Composer.
Path Mapping
Maps a path prefix to a file or directory in a Composer package.
Path Prefix
A prefix of a Puli path, like /batman/blog.
Public Resource
A resource that is published in the document root of a web server and accessible in the internet.
Puli-Enabled Package
A package that contains a puli.json file in its root directory.
Puli Path
The path of a resource in the resource repository, like /batman/blog/views/index.html.twig.
A file or directory, typically XML, YAML, HTML, CSS, an image etc.
Resource Consumer
A package that defines a binding type and uses resources bound to this type.
Resource Provider
A package that contains resources bound to a binding type of a resource Consumer.
Root Package
The package for the current project. Any Puli project has exactly one root package and any number of package dependencies (non-root packages).
URL Format
A printf string used to generate URLs of public resources, like
Short for Universally Unique Identifier. A random 128-bit value used to identify bindings and other distributed objects managed by Puli.
Web Server
Represents a physical web server in Puli. Typically has a URL format and a document root.